Monday, April 15, 2019

The Best Fun Activities to Do in Evening Desert Safari

One of the most amazing things about visiting the desert in Dubai is, you will never miss out fun even when the sun sets in the west.
Now, what does that mean?
The answer is simple, Desert Safari will provide you with all kind of activities in the morning, in the afternoon and in the evening at the same time. That being said, if you have got a very busy schedule, you can always visit the desert in evening timings to enjoy Safari at its best. Well, to make sure that you enjoy your evening perfectly there, we have made a list of fun activities that you should try out:
Let's take a look: 

1. Camel Riding:
The first thing that you should try out in a desert safari when you arrive there in the evening is the ride of camels.
Camel is known as the airplane of the desert. Enjoying an adventurous camel ride will allow you to explore the large sand dunes all by yourself.
Camel Riding will also allow you to remember the old Arabic culture where people used to travel long distances via camels.
Many companies are providing camel riding at affordable rates so you should never miss out this opportunity.
2. Belly Dance:
This is something of a funny and entertainment activity at the same time.
Belly Dance is one of the characteristics of Arab culture and you will enjoy it for sure.
With an ambient Arabic sound, different professional dancers will show their dancing skills in traditional Arab style.
Your mood will get refreshed after this activity.
Try to make full use of this opportunity if you are a tourist and interested in exploring the perks of Arabic culture at the same time.
There will be different companies providing you this activity at discounted prices so you can contact them for more info. 

3. Fire Show:
The next thing that should be up on your list while visiting the desert in the evening is the fire show.
Desert Safari has got professional acrobats that will perform the fire show.
It really is an amusing activity for foreigners as you will get to enjoy a lot of skills at the same time.
Fire show looks more lit in the night and you won't keep your hands off from filming the whole show.
For affordable rates, you should contact different contacts to take suitable information about the fire show.
4. BBQ Dinner:
Right after you have enjoyed all the fun activities, you will be really hungry for sure.
Don't worry. Dubai is known as the hub for one of the best BBQ eatables around the world.
With the BBQ dinner package, you can enjoy meat roasted in traditional Arab culture.
Only the smell of BBQ will get you crazy. The food in Desert Safari is delicious at the same time.
We will recommend you to eat dinner at the end when you have enjoyed almost all activities as eating early will cause laziness in your body. 

5. Arabic Coffee and Soft Drinks:
The last calming activity in the safari in Dubai is trying out the brand new Arabic Coffee which has been made from special ingredients.
After you have finished dinner, you should try out the Coffee and other Arabic soft drinks to calm yourself in an ideal way.
Arabic Coffee has got such aroma and taste that you will never find in other parts of the world. Therefore, never miss out this opportunity, whenever you are on the visit to the desert in the evening.
The Final Word:
Make a list of all the activities that we have mentioned above and try them out when you next visit the Desert Safari Dubai to make the tour as awesome as possible.

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Thursday, July 12, 2018

All about What Desert Safari Dubai with BBQ Dinner offers you!

Desert Safari Dubai, the name itself expresses the adventurous moments it keeps in it splendidly but there is still a lot more to know about it. Desert Safari Dubai is offered at a different time of day with varying activities. This article is going to be about Desert Safari Dubai with BBQ Dinner. The journey of adventures and countless adorable memories that start from the sunset and leave you with so much energy and lover for your vacation ends with a delicious BBQ Dinner. Let’s dive into the intricate details of this expedition.

godubaidesertsafari dune bashing in desert

·         Pick & Drop:
The Pick & Drop service is provided by the Tour Company and is free. The vehicle may vary from the offer that you choose so do check if you are ordering a car or a bus carefully. Some deals might not include Free Pick & Drop, choose your deal wisely!

·         Desert Dune Bashing:
The tour starts with the most adventurous activity as it is all about doing the most extra adventurous and exciting activities; Desert Dune Bashing. The world's famous jeeps are used and professionals are used to accompanying you during this rough and thrilling Desert Dune Bashing.

·         Sand Boarding:
This is a fun activity and is liked by every person whether it’s a kid or the young thrill lovers. You get the chance to ski from the top of a hill to the ground. A smooth and fierce ride that is all safe and amusing.

·         Quad Bike Riding:
This is another adventurous activity of Desert Safari with Quad Biking Adventure that not everyone gets to experience in the world. You are given the opportunity to ride the Quad Bike in the middle of a Desert freely. The bikes are frequently checked by the professionals and your safety is never taken for granted.

·         Camel Riding:
Camel Riding is the essence of Arab culture and is such a unique experience to get your hands on. Especially during sunset, this one ride wins everyone’s heart who tries it out.
The camels are friendly creatures and you can even get to know about their food habits and habits. So, it’s a chance to know nature more closely.

·         Arabic Dresses:
The tour companies also offer you to wear beautiful Arabic dresses and make your day out in the desert even more adorable. The dresses are the soul of Arab traditions and you can take some really beautiful pictures in them.

·         Henna Painting:
Another aspect of the beauty of Arabs and their culture is Henna. The henna painting varies with beautiful designs that embellish your Arab look even more.

·         BBQ Dinner:
The day full of exciting activities ends with a delicious BBQ dinner. There are a variety of dishes available on the menu for you in the dinner that is inspired by Arab Cuisine.

bbq dinner in desert safari

·          Hubble Bubble corner:
Sheesha is one of the famous refreshments of Arab. Desert safari Dubai with bbq dinner provides you this lavish refreshment too.

Facilities such as separate toilets for men and women are also present. This tour will be one unforgettable tour in your life so don't forget to take photos and gather as many memories as you can. Share your experience with us in the comment section!

Tour Agency: Go Dubai Desert Safari